Acting As If

There’s a trick of the mind I play on myself when I don’t know what to do next. If I’m feeling shy or easily flustered, I act as if I’ve got it all under control. As a result, one of my oldest friends once declared my motto to be: “Often wrong, never in doubt.”

With that caveat, I’ll be blogging here about what I’m learning about writing, what I’ve figured out about my writing process, and some of what I see in other people’s books. It’s likely that any firm conclusions I jump to will be wildly astray, or only valid for the next 2.5 seconds (as any writer will tell you, reality is a constantly moving target). But I’ll defend those conclusions with great passion and conviction, at least until the next shiny thing goes whizzing by my brain. Hopefully it won’t take a scatter plot to figure out what really works for me and what doesn’t.

If I’m lucky, every so often I’ll be able to lure one of the fabulous writers I have the privilege of knowing over here to give us a peek at… well, whatever they’re willing to share, really. I’ll probably need more scotch to make that happen. Or cupcakes. Or at least, act as if I have both in abundant, word count-inspiring quantities.